Feedback from ‘He’ll be ok..’ book on parenting boys, relating to WOW addiction

Boys my son’s age are, according to ‘He’ll be OK’; pragmatic, Intuitive, they have a desire to live in the moment, they focus only on what needs to be done and that’s IT. They fear failure; indeed, some think that it is better not to try rather than to try and fail. Their only seemingly acceptable emotion is anger; which WOW channels very well into a series of furious keyboard clicks and wild expletives. They feel emotions, but they don’t want to talk about it.Maybe they are looking for lost Dads, lost families inside the interminable chambers of WOW.

I read the adage; ‘mates before dates, bros before hoes’ and true, WOW  is a very male cult, not many girls in there (though my son once had a thirty year old woman who he gamed with who was quite taken by him and would buy him gifts etc) and if they are there, they are a bit of an oddity, but are hunted down to play with anyway.

They learn horizontally; no, not like that, but with their peers of the same age.

We parents are meant to show them a bridge, even though they don’t want to be on a pathway; they so are in WOW, lead along these blizzard created paths

We are meant to hold them steady at school. Hold steady. He doesn’t give a sheet of elfin armour about school. His school is the school of warfare of WOW.


About teenwowintervention

A frustrated mum blogging about her journey parenting a 14 year old son addicted to the computer game WOW- world of warcraft
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