Dole in WOW

Is there unemployment in WOW? No, it doesn’t exist, everyone has a job; either a healer, Damager or Tank. the last two are agressive roles and the healer cleans up their mess, their collateral damage so to speak. Every WOW mother has this conversation with their son; going something like this; “But what are you going to DO in life?! By opting out of school you are not learning the skills you will need in the real world!” To which my son replies; “I don’t care, I’ll just go on the dole.” And because I know I have to relate everything back to HIS real world, which is WOW, I ask innocuously; “Is there the dole in WOW?” and he admits that there is not. So, I say in a parry of desperate logic; if there is no dole in WOW, and everyone has a role or job, why would you want to opt out of life and exist on the dole? (And I mentioned a lot about hard working tax payers) Basically, I am relating everything moral that comes up to WOW; if WOW doesn’t have it why should you embrace it in the real world. Which denies his underground cunning logic; if he did go on the dole at 18, he would have more time to stay at home and play WOW, where society works! 


About teenwowintervention

A frustrated mum blogging about her journey parenting a 14 year old son addicted to the computer game WOW- world of warcraft
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