Today we went g…

Today we went grocery shopping and he was really nice and helpful. As WOW playing does curb his appetite (he generally forgets to eat or drink while playing it) he only asked for two things; some mango yoghurt and a bulk pack of steak meat. He was very handy working out the prices , getting the trolley and loading and unloading it. He then helped me carry the groceries up and cooked his own steak (slightly too much!). We did ordinary things together, out of his fantasy world. He knows how to communicate to get a task done. The task of buying food also with its own rules; the trolley, the choosing (not so hard with the limited choice of ALDI) the queuing, the vigilant placing of the divider between people’s shopping loads. He is so good at following rules in his 30 by 20 world, but in there he buys gems and armour, not mundane tins of baked beans. I like him going shopping with me. I do not want to separate him from ordinary grocery shopping and tasks.


About teenwowintervention

A frustrated mum blogging about her journey parenting a 14 year old son addicted to the computer game WOW- world of warcraft
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