A list of quick tips

A starting point of quick tips of easing him out of WOW world back to planet earth:

Get him out to eat. In a park, cafe, restaurant. Breathe real air (I think they sometimes forget to breath, like really breath when they are in that airless online world, chew real food, feel real son on their back. And they are more likely to talk too.

Which brings me to; schedule a time to talk, and don’t accept ‘just after this raid Mum’. No, set a time to eat, to do weights. To do housework. Set a timer on their phone.

And speak softly to them. Their tender ears are used to being covered by snug ear muffs, your voice can jar them. My son even had little scabs from where the head phones rubbed.

Make them houseproud.  They spend so much time doing mundane boar killing, they can do some boaring stuff in the real world. It is really funny to see how skillful they are in their screen world, flying and landing dragons with dextrous ease and yet, folding a teatowel or wiping a dish causes them clumsy consternation.

Give them things to look forward to. Because they seem so happy where they are, you might sometimes forget to organise special dinners or movie outings or ANYTHING. Keep in mind, that no matter what they think, their WOW world is NOT normal. In that world they do not need to eat or drink, but in the real world they do.

Get them into cooking. Sifting flour, chopping nuts, smelling the frying of onions, they need their senses of smell and touch and sound activated.

Take them to the bush. Real camping. REAL forests, not a flat planed digitally generated wilderness that they inhabit at night from the safety of their warm loungeroom. A forest with leaves and loam. Maybe even real beasts who may not be as fang-face terrifying, but they need to learn about the REAL fear of a black or brown snake.

Buy a yoga ball. I am onto my third ball with my son. At least they have to balance and use their muscles slightly to keep them balanced. In the interim between the bursting of the last one and the purpchas of the new, I noticed how awkward my son was on a real chair, it did not move with him.


About teenwowintervention

A frustrated mum blogging about her journey parenting a 14 year old son addicted to the computer game WOW- world of warcraft
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